What Are Tonsil Stones

Are you experiencing recurring painful swallowing or throat infections? Have you already noticed some nasty looking formations in the back of your throat or on the tonsils themselves? Has your doctor already diagnosed you with having tonsil stones and are you taking anti-biotics for them? If so you may be wondering – what are tonsil stones and what can I do about them? I can help answer these questions.

What are tonsil stones? Tonsil stones (also known as tonsilloliths) are hard formations that form and stick to the folds of the throat. This formations will typically be the size of a pea but can grow quite a bit larger if nothing is done about them. These formations are made up of food particles, dead cells, and minerals such as calcium and sulfur. Unpleasant huh? The stones grow the more you eat and will not stop growing until something is done to stop them. They can make swallowing quite difficult and can result in a number of other problems such as horrible breath and loss of confidence as a result.

On the plus side there are natural approaches in the treatment for tonsil stones. Needless to say, the safest way how to remove tonsil stones could be getting it done by an ENT (ears, nose, throat) medical doctor. This type of surgical treatment is not typically distressing and not necessarily painful. A light anesthetic will normally be employed while the stones are removed.

Additionally you can gargle salt water to potentially dislodge the stones and remove them and then of course follow up with the appropriate dietary adjustments to permanently do away with your tonsil stones and keep them from ever bothering you again. Altering your diet and lower your daily calcium intake should help. Lowering your calcium consumption will assist you to reduce the growth of your tonsil stones and may sometimes reduce them.

Take into account however that there are factors why you developed tonsil stones. And if you do not take care of the “cause” of why you have tonsil stones they will eventually return.