Panic Attacks During The Day

Have you ever had a panic attacks during the day? You should be careful, because there is a chance that you will also have experienced nocturnal episodes. The attack may last for ten minutes or maybe more, but usually you will have trouble falling back to sleep again until early hours of the morning.

Racing heart, breath shortness, sheer terror feeling, spasms, does that symptoms sound familiar to you?

Sleep panic attacks or nocturnal are different then having a nightmare. It is a continuation that haunts you during the day, anxiety. The same symptoms that happens during the daytime panic will work on your unconscious at night too. Experts have a very strong theories about what cause the panic attacks to happen. Chemical inbalances inside your brain, lifestyle, and learned behavior are probably on of the reason of the attacks occur. It’s not an exact cause, but chance are still very high.

If any of those things happen to you, first thing you have to do is to get a full physical exam. You have to know for sure what cause the attacks, and experts will know for sure that it’s a panic attack or it’s a sleep anea, a condition when you don’t have enough air into your lungs while you are sleeping. Sleep anea have similar conditions to nocturnal panic attacks.

Once the experts know the exact condition you are having, they will also take a look at your lifestyle choices. They need to find out is there any other things that cause the panic attack. It’s best that you reduce the bad habits that encourage having you panic attacks. Things such as coffee or alcohol in later part of the day, vigorous exercise before bed (except sexual intercourse), TV in the bedroom could cause the attack.

After all the examination complete, then you can begin the anxiety attacks treatment. If you are having a frequent panic attacks, a sedative might be prescribed to stop gap measure. A sedatives is not the best solutions though, because it can be addictive and they also induce the quality of your sleep. But some sleep is better than nothing at all, right? As well you probably already know, constant lack of sleep could cause serious problem to our physical and mental health.

A behavioural therapy is another good way to treat panic attacks, we have to modifiy our behavior in the process. A quite successful type of therapy but it will take some time before you get any results. It would take weeks or maybe months.

You have to follow to the plan that your health care provider if you want to have a successful treatment. The combination from all the treatment mention above could bring you good results.

You don’t have to worry, panic attacks during the day or night is curable.